Owner-builder working on a small project.

Key Considerations for Owner-Builder Projects

An owner-builder is someone who takes on the role of both the contractor and the homeowner in a construction project. This means they are responsible for managing the entire process, from obtaining the necessary permits and approvals, to hiring subcontractors and purchasing materials. Being an owner-builder can be a rewarding experience, as it allows individuals to have greater control over the project and potentially save money. However, it also requires a significant amount of time, effort, and knowledge to be successful. Owner-builders need to have a good understanding of construction practices, safety regulations, and building codes, as well as strong project management and communication skills. It’s important for owner-builders to be realistic about their abilities and the scope of the project, and to be prepared for the challenges and potential setbacks that may arise.

International Building Code (IBC) Egress and Exit provisions for safe and accessible buildings

Understanding the International Building Code: Key Provisions for Egress and Exits

Learn about the provisions of the International Building Code (IBC) related to egress and exits. This blog post covers key topics such as occupant load, egress width, stairway rise and run, common path of egress travel, intervening rooms, exit separation, corridors, and single-exit buildings. Get an in-depth understanding of the IBC to ensure safety and accessibility for building occupants.