Residential Design & Hawaii Drafting Service


Residential design & Hawaii drafting service, engineering coordination and building permit processing, are the services we offer to homeowners, contractors, and real estate investors.


Home Design and Hawaii Drafting ServicesHawaii Residential Design Service

Our drafting services approach allows you to tweak your design at later stages while still maintaining the integrity of your drawings. We offer you an efficient method for integrating your home design or addition into your site as well as with your existing dwelling.  What that means for you is that you are offered more control over your design because we are better able to maintain accuracy and efficiency of the documentation.

Hawaii Drafting ServicesHawaii Drafting Service

Once you are happy with your design we will complete your home design or addition drawings using the plans, sections, and elevations taken straight from the 3D model. This method improves the accuracy of the drawings and facilitates better coordination throughout your project; and with our virtual building method, potential obstructions and obstacles within the design can be revealed and corrected before you start construction.

engineering and Hawaii Drafting ServicesEngineering Coordination

Sometimes drafting services are not enough because plans must be stamped and signed by an architect or structural engineer when one or more of the following conditions occur,

  1. A one-storied building exceeds $40,000 value,
  2. A two-story building exceeds $35,000 value,
  3. The principal structural members are either reinforced concrete or structural steel, or when
  4. You need retaining walls five feet or more in height.

Owner-Built Design, LLC works with licensed engineers to meet this need and we will handle all the coordination for the structural design per the engineering design requirements.

Building Permit and Hawaii Drafting ServicesOahu Building Permit Processing

For most people, this is an area of residential design and drafting services they prefer to avoid.  Let Owner-Built Designs, LLC handle this along with the design and drafting of your home or addition and you can forget about the red tape of permit processing and use your time more wisely for selecting materials and other project focused activity.

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6 thoughts on “Residential Design & Hawaii Drafting Service”

  1. I want to build a single-family house in Kaneohe and sell it.
    I own the lot.
    What services will you provide as shown in Yelp (I have the skills, time, and desire to succeed as a Real Estate Investor but lack the funds to do it on my own. If you’ve got the money but no time, I have the time and skills. )?
    I am in Hong Kong and please email me or whatsapp at 1 (385) 424-8400.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi David, in some cases yes. In fact, I am currently working with a client now on North Shore who is doing that but it depends on the existing condition of the system, site, etc. so each project needs to be looked at separately and designed by an engineer.

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