Our Process

1. Initial Meeting
In the first meeting with our clients we review their wishes, priorities, budget, aesthetics and specific details. This is the customization process and we strive to listen carefully to fully understand what our client’s desire. This meeting typically takes 45 to 60 minutes.

2. Drawing Reviews
Based on the initial consultation, we develop the design. We build on our client’s content, creating options where required and planning for the specific site and architectural style.

3. Revisions
We allow time on each project to meet with our clients and review the preliminary plan. We adjust our draft and fine tune the design, taking into consideration our client’s input.

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4. Building Permit Drawings
We complete detailed drawings suitable for construction, including exterior elevations, floor plan details, structural, electrical and aesthetic details, building sections and specifications where required.

5. Support as Required
We offer email, phone and onsite support as required by the building contractor or owner.

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