Hawaii Residential Design: Comprehensive Services

Residential design and drafting services for Hawaii
Leverage our comprehensive architectural and structural design services throughout Hawaii, from initial design and drafting to permitting andenvironmental compliance, to transform your residential space into your dream home efficiently and expertly.

Home Design and Hawaii Drafting Services

Transform your vision into reality with our personalized architectural design services, ensuring each space perfectly aligns with your aspirations.

Hawaii Drafting Services

We deliver architectural oversight and detailed drawings from 3D models, ensuring accuracy & adherence to your project’s vision.

engineering and Hawaii Drafting Services

Our integrated design services provide essential structural calculations and oversight, fulfilling professional requirements for your construction projects.

Building Permit and Hawaii Drafting Services

We streamline the building permit process across Hawaii, managing all complexities to ensure a seamless experience for projects under my architectural guidance.

We provide complete ESCP coordination exclusively on Oahu, ensuring all projects comply with local regulations and environmental safeguards are effectively implemented.



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26 thoughts on “Hawaii Residential Design: Comprehensive Services

  1. I want to build a single-family house in Kaneohe and sell it.
    I own the lot.
    What services will you provide as shown in Yelp (I have the skills, time, and desire to succeed as a Real Estate Investor but lack the funds to do it on my own. If you’ve got the money but no time, I have the time and skills. )?
    I am in Hong Kong and please email me or whatsapp at 1 (385) 424-8400.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi David, in some cases yes. In fact, I am currently working with a client now on North Shore who is doing that but it depends on the existing condition of the system, site, etc. so each project needs to be looked at separately and designed by an engineer.

  2. Aloha Jim, We would like to build a Hardware Hawaii ADU kit above our carport. We have a level lot in Kailua. Please email me your drafting services pricing. Mahalo.

  3. Hi Jim
    I want to build a house on a vacant lot on Oahu. I’m wondering how to find a good contractor that can handle the entire project.
    I went to one of the home shows and met some of the builders there, but they were all Design-Built firms that want to do everything from start to finish. I can see an advantage in that approach, but in reading some reviews of them many people say they are very over priced.
    I am not planning to build a custom million dollar home with all custom high end finishes, so i think using someone like yourself to get a design done and all the way through the permit process would be a better way to go. But then I would have to find a contractor to build the house. That is the step I’m having a hard time trying to figure out.
    Do most of the people you work with already have a contractor/ If not, how do they find one?

  4. Aloha. I’m a carpenter and electrician who is looking into designing and building a barn-style (32′ x 40)’ home on the Big island using two shipping containers. Could I submit hand drawn plans to you (or the permit office)? Also, I’d love to get any suggestion and cost estimates for engineer approvals and permit processing. Thanks!

  5. HI Jim,

    Looking to add an addition to the original single wall home by building columns and having the 2nd story addition totally supported by the columns. Will follow the outside walls of the original house as much as possible, but will have different layout. Looking to be owner builder, not in a rush (3 years), so will take my time but would like to get blueprints and a 3D model to see how our ideas would look like and if changes need to be done. I have a contractor, so looking for plans. How much do you cost? Thanks.

  6. Aloha: I am the board treasurer at a Kailua condominium, Windward Harbour. We have 6 owners that have mini-split system air conditioning systems, which require to be permitted. This would be a C & C permit. These units are existing but were never permitted.
    We would like to find a draftsman who can help these 6 owners with the permitting process. We have original blueprints of the property.
    We have spoken to ME’s about this but the prices they have quoted were too high for this type of job.
    If you also have availability to a permit runner or expeditor that would also be something that we would consider.
    Please let me know if this something that you would like to help us with.
    Steffen Nielsen

  7. Aloha I am looking at putting an above ground pool in a warehouse in Kaneohe. I need some help with the structural aspects, planning and permit. Is this something that you could help me with? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Mahalo!

  8. Aloha Jim, I recently purchased property in Pahoa on the big island. I am looking for someone that can assist with prints and permitting to build my home. I do have a draft of the home I designed. Also I have my brother who will be helping me with the new build. I would appreciate your insight on things and where I should start. Mahalo Nadeen

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