Infill residential development in Hawaii

Infill Residential Development in Hawaii: Maximizing Your Property Potential

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Infill residential development can be an effective strategy for maximizing the potential of a property while creating functional and aesthetically pleasing homes that reflect the unique beauty and culture of Hawaii. As a residential designer with over 30 years of experience in residential design, I specialize in infill residential projects and accessory dwelling unit (ADU) development, contributing to the creation of additional living space on investment properties. ADUs can be an excellent source of rental income, multigenerational living, home offices, or investment properties. My approach to developing properties involves collaborating with contractors, lenders, tradesmen, and vendors to ensure that our team vision is realized while meeting the unique challenges presented by each site. Whether you are looking to build a traditional Hawaiian-style home or a more modern home that incorporates the latest design trends, infill residential development is a great way to maximize your property’s potential.

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