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A Dog Owner’s Guide to Designing the Perfect Home

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When you’re planning the design of an entirely new home or a major renovation, you have a unique opportunity to create something that perfectly suits you.

This is especially true for loving dog owners who feel that their pets are part of the family.

If your dogs are more like very short, furry children than “outside pets” to you and your family, you can build a home that welcomes and cares for your dogs as well as it cares for you.

Not sure where to start? Here’s the ultimate dog owner’s guide to optimizing your new home that they will love!

1) Yard Space and a Sturdy Fence

The top feature every dog needs is the opportunity to run around, get out some energy, and take care of business.

While dogs love to be graced with your company and participation in play, just having access to a decent amount of yard space will allow them to run and play to their heart’s content.

Of course, if you don’t want the little rascals to go on walkabout from time to time, make sure your fence is sturdy and reinforced against creative digging efforts.

Non-organic fences can be built a few inches into the ground or you can use large half-buried bricks under the line of a bamboo or wood fence.

Natural growth fencing like hedges, unfortunately, are not sufficient.

2) Resistant Floors

Designing a home means deciding everything from the floor plan to the materials.

If you plan to live with dogs, consider the durability of the floors when choosing your material for both inside and outside.

You see, hard floors should be distinctly scratch and stain-resistant. This way, you’re not stressed if you happen to miss one week of nail clipping for your dog!

When you’re a pet owner, you know accidents happen. Resistant floors are always a good idea especially for pets and children, which make them an absolute necessity.

3) Mudroom or Garden Hose?

Outside time is not always a clean and dry experience. One of the best things you can do is ensure your new house is prepared for dog washes before you and your furry friend make contact with the carpets.

Building a mudroom is the perfect solution! Design a special entryway or laundry area that also has a space for hats, shoes, and a short shower stall so you can rinse your feet and your dog off.

Of course, since it’s always warm enough to wash your dog outside in Hawaii, make sure there’s a garden hose with a gentle spray nozzle at one end of your deck.

This way, you can wash yourself, your dog, and the deck all at once.

4) Washable Interior Paint

Let’s say that pre-emptive bath time isn’t a 100% reliable solution and sometimes muddy (or bath-soaked) dogs come galloping through the house anyway.

Preparing your new home for dog ownership requires tough, washable wall paint.

None of that stuff that comes up when rubbed with a sponge!

For wise dog ownership, you need something that can be scrubbed, possibly even bleached, in order to clean up after potentially big messes without having to repaint.

5) Feeding and Sleeping Space

The places where your dog spends the most time will take more wear and tear than the rest of the house.

Their eating and water area is more likely to get messy and their sleeping area will absolutely become a pit of dog fur and chewed toys.

Plan in advance by considering special tile or linoleum covered areas so your dog can live near you without damaging the nice carpets or wood floors.

6) Big Tub for Bathtime

Every dog takes bath time differently based on their breed, personality, and past experiences with baths.

If you don’t do all of your dog washing outside, or if your dog needs a bath during bad weather, you’ll need a nice big tub to bathe them in.

Some dog owners actually go out of their way to build a special dog washing space. It comes with a seat and a flat bottom for canine comfort.

Others simply prefer to work in a traditional bathtub.

Whichever’s the case for you, when designing your new home or renovation, make sure at least one bathroom (or the mudroom) has a tub that is big and comfortable enough to wash your dog in.

7) Magnetic Pet Door

The final touch to any dog-friendly home is a doggy door.

These convenient contraptions can be temporarily installed in a sliding glass door or window or permanently installed in an exterior door.  You can even cut one into the wall.

With a single weather-proof magnetized dog door, your furry friend will be able to let themselves in and out of the house for exercise and personal needs. Therefore, the incident of accidents will significantly decrease.

You can even get a smart-door that responds to your dog’s collar or an implanted ID chip.

Use this Dog Owner’s Guide for Your Perfect Home

Building a new home or planning for a large remodel project is a uniquely personal experience. For once, you get to create a place to live that is designed to suit every one of your personal preferences and desires. You can design it to have a room for your favorite hobby, a kitchen made exactly how you like it, and even make the floorplan more accommodating for your favorite canine companions.

For more information about designing and building a custom home that’s perfect for you and your family, including the furry members, contact us today!

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