ADU Downloads & FAQ’s

5.  In addition to the principal dwelling unit, how many ADUs can I build on a single lot?

Only one additional dwelling unit is permitted. ADUs are not permitted on lots that already have more than one dwelling unit, including but not necessarily limited to, more than one single-family dwelling, a two-family dwelling, accessory authorized ohana dwelling, or guest house. Properties with multi-family dwellings, or which are part of a planned development housing, cluster, or group living facility are also not eligible.

6.  How are ADUs different from ohana dwelling units?

ADUs are similar, but not synonymous with ohana dwelling units. The key difference is that ohana dwellings restrict occupancy to family members, have no size limitations, and require two off-street parking spaces. The ADU regulations allow occupancy of the ADU by non-family members, require only one off-street parking space, and limit the size of the ADU.

7. Are owners of an accessory dwelling unit required to live on the property?

Yes, either the ADU or primary dwelling unit must be occupied by the property owner(s), or persons who are related by blood, marriage, or adoption to the property owner(s), or designated authorized representative(s), except in unforeseen hardship circumstances (i.e., active military deployment, serious illness).

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8.  Is there a minimum occupancy period for an ADU?

Yes, an ADU may not be occupied for less than a six month (180 days) period.