ADU Downloads & FAQ’s

13.  What are the different ways by which I can add an ADU to a lot?

You can build a new unit either separate or attached. An existing accessory dwelling unit structure (garage or interior rooms such as recreation rooms, basements or attics) can also be converted to an ADU. Current building code standards must be met when adding an ADU.

14.  Is a building permit required to convert an ohana dwelling unit or other accessory structures into an ADU?

Yes, a building permit is required to convert an ohana dwelling unit or an accessory structure or interior room into an ADU.

15.  Can a nonconforming structure be converted to an ADU?

Yes, a nonconforming structure can be converted to an ADU, but it has to conform to the ADU regulations and all the development standards of the underlying zoning district, as well as other pertinent regulations.

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16.  How can I convert an existing, legally established accessory structure to an accessory dwelling unit if it was built prior to the effective date of the ADU Ordinance, but does not meet the size and off-street requirements?

An existing, legally established accessory dwelling unit constructed in a residential district prior to the effective date of the ADU Ordinance may be converted to an ADU and allowed to exceed the maximum floor area and/or be exempted from the off-street parking requirement through a zoning adjustment process. The DPP has prepared instructions for prospective Applicants to use when requesting a zoning adjustment.