Project team meeting about unjust enrichment.

Unjust Enrichment in Construction

Unjust Enrichment in construction projects can have serious consequences for all parties involved. It is crucial for contractors, owners, and architects to be aware of this legal principle and its applications. An example of Unjust Enrichment in construction is when a contractor performs additional work without the owner’s knowledge or consent and submits a request for payment. The owner is under no legal obligation to pay for the work because it was not included in the contract, and the contractor would be unjustly enriched. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) contract documents can help prevent Unjust Enrichment by documenting changes to the construction project that occur after the contract has been signed or during the construction process. The AIA G701 and G714 forms ensure that all parties are aware of and agree to any changes to the project, legally justifying them and preventing Unjust Enrichment. Understanding and adhering to the principle of Unjust Enrichment is vital for a fair and successful construction project.

Architect conducting Architect Duties and Additional Services on the job site.

Architect Duties and Additional Services

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) contract document B101 outlines the responsibilities of the architect in a construction project. The document provides a comprehensive guide to the duties and additional services that an architect may provide to ensure the success of a construction project. The architect’s role in project completion is crucial and includes conducting inspections, issuing certificates of substantial and final completion, and ensuring the work complies with the contract documents. The B101 document also outlines additional services that the architect may provide, including programming, multiple preliminary designs, measured drawings, existing facilities surveys, site evaluation and planning, building information modeling, civil engineering, landscape design, architectural interior design, and many others. These services are listed with their descriptions, type, and corresponding AIA Document Reference (if applicable) in a table, providing a comprehensive overview of the services offered in the field of architecture.