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Thinking about working with a Swimming Pool Contractor in Oahu?

What You Should Know About Working with a Swimming Pool Contractor in Oahu

Living in Hawaii is a nature lover’s paradise. In all directions are landscapes, beautiful blue skies, and, of course, the mind-boggling Pacific Ocean, which, as Robert Wyland wrote:

Stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.

The Pacific Ocean is fabulous, but there is much good to be said about having a waterscape on your personal property.

Yes, we’re talking about a swimming pool. Still, the designs, location, additions to, and the ambiance of a swimming pool can make a dramatic difference in your home’s value, your family’s joy, and the relaxation time you are bound to include in your daily routine.

We want you to know about some of the most appealing and gorgeous pools that might interest you.

Pool Types

Fiberglass Inground Pools

The beauty of a fiberglass pool is that fiberglass shapes into linear, free-form, Roman, and many more styles or even a combination of several forms.

Some of the customizable features available to the design include tanning ledges, inlaid tiles, LED lighting, bubblers, and many more. A plethora of shapes and are available in many different sizes.

These pools are fast and easy to install in this way:

  • Excavation
  • Setting and leveling
  • Plumbing pool and filter system
  • Filling the pool shell
  • Coping (the transition from the pool to the pool deck) and patio
  • Pool fence

Inground Concrete Pool

Inground concrete pools give the homeowner a bit more design flexibility.  Because of the many choices in design, the concrete pools are likely to be quite handsome. Naturally, concrete pools are structurally stable.

On the other hand, building a concrete pool can take months to complete, and the price can get pretty high.

Depending on the type of concrete used, some surfaces may be painful to the swimmers’ feet.

Inground concrete pools may cost more to run daily than other models of pools.

Additional Pool Types

  • Inground vinyl
  • Infinity pool
  • Lap pool
  • Above ground pool

Pool Contractor Oahu

At Owner Built Design, LLC, we have been assisting homeowners for almost 30 years. Our business focuses on partnering with homeowners to get the construction, design, and paperwork accomplished through teamwork.

Another question may be, “How do I get such a partnership started?” That’s where Owner Built Design comes into the picture.

How to Find a Pool Contractor in Oahu?

  • Word of mouth is a terrific way to find a contractor to help you with your pool. If a company’s customers are happy with their contractors’ work, it’s a strong possibility that you will feel the same way. Find friends who have used the contractor before and trust their judgment.
  • Yelp is another excellent way to find a pool contractor. This recommendation site rates every type of business you can imagine. It includes customer reviews, services offered, hours of service,  location,  business’ phone numbers.
  • Other sites that give this same type of information include Angie’s List, Foursquare, and others.

Questions to Ask Your Contractor Before Beginning the Pool Project

Contractors appreciate having conversations with their clients. It shows the contractor that the client is prepared, experienced, and ready.

Some questions that may help you make your decision are:

  • How long have you been building pools?
  • What types of pools have you designed?
  • Do you have, and may I see your certificate of insurance?
  • Will you be obtaining the Honolulu building permit requirements and setting up the inspections required for this job?
  • Will you take care of Honolulu County Zoning Codes?
  • What is your estimated timeline for this job?
  • What will the payment schedule be?
  • Will dedicated teamwork be available during my project?
  • Can you give me a designated point of contact?

Many other questions will come up as you begin your project.

But the issues we have mentioned will lay the groundwork for communication between contractors and the homeowner.

Owner Built Design, LLC

In Hawaii, especially in Oahu, our Hawaii drafting service has assisted our clients with residential design, engineering, and permit processing services. Our primary focus is on single-family dwellings, especially ADUs (accessory dwelling units).

We provide permit-ready drawings that make it easy for homeowners to understand.

Our reviews on Yelp are outstanding, and we use our blog to share information, help homeowners get to know us, and assist clients in completing their construction needs.

Our dependable team of pool contractors Oahu can do the job of adding a pool to your land. This project is one of the many design/construction projects we help our clients with daily.

We want you to be aware of the ways we can help you.

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