The Complete Guide to Building and Remodeling in Hawaii

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Frequently Asked Remodeling Questions

When you watch I Love Lucy re-runs, you remember when she took on a do-it-yourself project, she and Ethel usually ended up in trouble or the hospital! We’re not saying it’s impossible to add to or renovate your house. Still, it is helpful to get as much information you can before you start.

Q: Do you have the skills to complete the renovation or remodel?

Usually, when it comes to plumbing or electrical work, you’ll need the assistance of a certified and licensed plumber or electrical service person. It is helpful to have a knowledgeable and experienced designer/drafter with you to determine how the changes will take place and whether the updates are realistic.

Q: Do you know about the zoning restrictions, building codes, and permitting processes for Hawaii?

These restrictions and codes are in place to keep the islands beautiful and healthy. Most remodeling projects that cost over $1,000 worth of work will require a building permit. In most instances, it is better to have someone familiar with the ins and outs of permit processing to assist you with this portion of the remodeling procedure.

Q: Does your budget have some “wiggle room” in case any unexpected issues arise?

If problems arise during your remodeling project, you must have the time and budget back-up needed to withstand these types of dilemmas that often pop up.

Q: Will you save money if you do it yourself?

If you do not have to pay workers or a supervisor, there is no doubt you might be able to save some money. But if the job is unprofessional, you may be looking at work that requires redoing, which will make the cost of the project even more than you estimated.

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