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Our blog focuses on topics regarding Hawaii drafting service for owner builders, new homes, additions, and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) .

20 different European front entrance doors. set of colorful wooden doors and different knobs and handles
Getting a Handle On Your Front Door Hardware
  When most people buy a new home, it’s fun to spend a little time really making it yours. You
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senior asian couple looking at plans for an ADU on a tablet computer at home
Retirement Downsizing in Place with an Accessible ADU
      Many seniors are seriously conflicted about the choice to downsize into a smaller, more manageable and affordable
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Rebuilding a family house and adding an extension. Setting up a construction site with tools excavator and construction material.
How Erosion And Sediment Control Plan Affects The Building
  Sediment control helps builders prevent soil, sand, and cement from reaching waterways. Even small amounts of erosion or pollution from
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