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Architectural Basic Services: Essentials

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Introduction to Three Architectural Basic Services

Architectural Basic Services help make sure that construction projects go well. A key part of these services is having good project administration, procedures, and protocols. This blog post will talk about the specifics of these areas, focusing on the responsibilities of the architect, contractor, and owner in making sure the project is successful.

Project Meetings: Planning and Progress Together

Project meetings are very important in Architectural Basic Services. The architect usually organizes them and makes sure the project is going according to the owner’s plan. The architect must go to these meetings, it’s part of the agreement with the owner. The meetings give the architect, contractor, and owner a chance to talk about the project’s progress, any problems that came up, and decide on any changes that need to be made.

Field Tests: Checking Materials and Systems

Field tests are another important part of Architectural Basic Services. They make sure the materials and systems used in building the structure meet the standards and specifications. The contractor pays for and schedules the field tests. If extra testing is needed, the architect tells the contractor to make arrangements, but only after getting permission in writing from the owner. The owner pays for extra tests.

Submittals: Checking and Approving Drawings

Submittals, like shop drawings and cutsheets, are not part of the contract documents. But, the architect must keep a log of submittals as stated in the agreement with the owner. This log makes sure that the right people review and approve the submittals. It also keeps a record of any changes or revisions made to the submittals during the project.

Conclusion: Importance of Effective Procedures and Protocols

In conclusion, having good Administrative Procedures and Protocols as part of Architectural Basic Services is very important to make sure the construction project is successful. The architect, contractor, and owner all have specific responsibilities and it’s important that they understand them and work together to make sure the project is done on time, within the budget, and to the owner’s satisfaction. Following the guidelines in the agreement with the owner helps make sure the project is successful.

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