DIY Carport

Permit-Ready Drawings for a DIY Carport in Hawaii

DIY Carport: Organizing Your Plan

Are you eager to construct your own carport? Use this simple guide to get started in a DIY carport project for a nice add-on to your Hawaii home.

Step One – Checklist and Permitting

The first step is to make sure you’re following any deed restrictions, and visit your county’s codes and regulation for any building projects.

Since we’re located in Oahu, our front page will help guide you, and you’ll also find a link to the checklist and residential building permit in Honolulu County.

Step Two – Material Decision

Decide on what material would be best for your carport: wood versus steel. In fact, to help you get a better understanding, use this information as found on to know the advantages and disadvantages of both:

  1. Wood is reportedly the “common” material used to build a carport
    1. Advantages
      • They’re easier to construct
      • Are more affordable to build
      • They offer a bigger selection of designs
      • Wood carports can enhance your home’s appearance
      • It’s also easier to repair
    2. Disadvantages
      • Weathering can affect the carport’s longevity
      • Rotting could be a problem
      • You should regularly apply a protection product.
      • Fire is a threat
  2. Metal gives you a choice between aluminum or steel.
    1. Advantages
      1. They offer better protection against weather
      2. Metal carports guard against rot, mold, and bugs
      3. They stand up against fire
      4. Require lower maintenance.
      5. Metal carports can add value to your home
    2. Disadvantages
      1. More time is most likely required when constructing a metal carport
      2. Metal carports do not allow for unique designs
      3. Rust and corrosion are possible without a protectant
      4. Rust or corrosion can be unattractive
      5. Metal carports are more expensive to construct

Step Three – Project Design and Ground Preparation

Drawing the appropriate plans for permit submission and ground prep is very important.

  1. Draw the plans yourself.
  2. You can obtain plans online that may not be accepted where you live
  3. Work with a professional who knows what is acceptable
  4. Select an adequate place for your carport
  5. Ground preparation as reviewed on Bob Vila.
    • Do you need to check for what’s underground?
    • Do you know the measurement your area needs to be?
    • What will be your carport floor: dirt, gravel or concrete?
    • How will you secure your structure’s footing?

Step Four – Material and Tool Preparation

It’s important that you are comfortable with the process of constructing a secure carport with safety in mind. Once you’ve selected your plan design and the product material you like, it’s time to gather the tools and supplies you’ll need to build your carport.

In fact, here are some valuable resources to assist with your research and planning:

HowToSpecialist guides you to build a wooden carport, while also helping you think about the type and size: single vehicle carport versus double vehicle carport or a lean-to carport. Be sure to note the safety equipment you should while constructing your carport.

Also, on Bunnings Warehouse, you’ll find seven short videos offering help to build a wooden carport.

Finally, if you’re considering constructing a metal carport, peruse before you begin the entire process. Take note of the article following the six-step project to construct a metal carport. It shows you how to repair leaks that may occur with metal carports.

Owner’s Built Design – Here to Help Hawaii Homeowners

With nearly 30 years of serving homeowners on the island of Oahu, Owner’s Built Design offers expert services to provide residential design, engineering, and permit processing. Permit-ready drawings are ready for review and selection that has proven to be easily understood by homeowners with their do-it-yourself projects. It is always an honor to work with homeowners in Oahu and throughout Hawaii.

Call today, and let’s review your carport needs.

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  1. Hello im currently looking to build somthing like a versatube 20×20 steel garage. Basically wondering if you can help woth the paermitting of somthing like that so its legal when i put it up. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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