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4 Cool Ways to Custom Build a New Carport

Build a New Carport

Did you know carports are one of the most versatile and easy-to-build additions for your home? First, you don’t have to knock out any walls or extend the insulated part of the house. And second, it’s basically just a frame that shelters your car from the weather. Meaning, you can build anything you want into the structure of that frame.

So, a custom carport can be a fantastic add-on to your home. It brings three or four different great functions on top of protecting your car. Whether you plan to DIY the project or want to work with professional builders, we can help you create the perfect custom plan for your carport.

But first, you’ll need a little inspiration. Today, we’d like to highlight four of the most enjoyable ways to add value to your custom carport project.

The Perfect Cabinet Tool Chest

If you do a lot of outdoor work or hobby projects, then keeping track of your tools is a big deal. Ensuring they’re both organized and accessible at the same time can be a serious challenge. But not if you can build your own outdoor cabinet tool chest.

Include a collection of drawers, cabinets, and covered pegboards into the outer wall of your carport. You can transform the carport into your perfect indoor-outdoor workshop.

The key is creative cabinetry, to balance accessibility with storm-proofing the structure. We can work with you to design the ideal tool wall for your household and hobbies.

The Pass-Through Window Hangout

Many a carport has grown into a sheltered hangout for families that enjoy spending time outdoors or watching storms from a safe vantage. Whether you’re relaxing on a warm evening or watching the rain from under the carport roof, someone has to go back to the kitchen for drinks and snacks.

Unless, of course, you have a pass-through window. Pass-throughs are windows that slide open sideways and feature a sill wide enough to hold plates and drinks. If your carport connects directly to the kitchen, a pass-through window can easily be used to quickly access drinks and snacks.

But even if it just touches the living room or utility room, it can make your carport hangout spot much more convenient.

Built-In Covered Dog House

There’s no shortage of family dogs here on Oahu, and a nice dog house can make a real difference when bad weather rolls around. One interesting way to build your carport is with a nicely designed kennel inside the back wall. Create a dog door inside a people-sized door with enough room for a soft bed and food dishes.

Even a 3-foot wide space will seem like a luxury dog house compared to a little plywood house in the yard. Your carport kennel can become the ideal place for your dog to get out of the rain and a cozy place to sleep on cool nights. Not to mention, with a security dog door you can keep the wildlife out of their backup food bowl.

Weatherproof Outdoor Sound System

Finally, there’s the right carport upgrade for families that love to party. If you’re constantly throwing barbeques and family get-togethers with plenty of outdoor fun, then your carport can become the ideal place for your sound system.

Speakers are difficult to place outside because the weather can damage the equipment. But your carport is a sheltered area where you can much more easily place your speakers.

With a sheltered sound system on your carport pointing outward into the yard, you can have the full outdoor party experience without having to take your speakers inside before the next rain.

Are you thinking about building a custom carport onto your Oahu home? If so, Owner Build Design can help you with any stage in the process, from building plans and permits to professional custom construction.

For a friendly consultation on your project plans, contact us today!

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