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5 Ways to Design a Beautiful Glass Shower Enclosure

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Shower stalls and enclosures have become increasingly popular over the last two decades and glass comes with a great variety of ways to build. A big spacious enclosure for stretching out or a tiny one that fits neatly into a corner of a smaller bathroom are equally possible.

The ambiance can be clear and roomy or elegant and frosted in lovely floral patterns. You can completely reshape your bathroom with the design of new glass panels or tidily build an enclosure that takes up the exact space where the bathtub used to be.

How will you design your glass shower enclosure? The answer should depend on your taste, budget, the space you’re working with, and whatever you can dream up.

Here are inspirational shower enclosure ideas to consider in your next home renovation.

1) A Spacious Walk-In Shower Experience

Walk-in showers are all the rave today because they make the entire shower experience more relaxing and a lot tidier. Walk-in showers can have doors but they don’t have to. All you need is enough space to ensure that the water can’t splash outside of the designated area.

Of course, this space can also be put to use for your comfort. Many walk-in showers feature benches, gentle spray hoses, a delightful variety of shower nooks and rag bars, and possibly even a cabinet for your luxury shower supplies.

2) A Work of Art for Your Bathroom

One of the best things about building out of glass is that you can see right through it while it adds a touch of class and subtlety to your interior design.

It’s important to note that anything you put behind glass walls becomes an encased work of art that can enhance your entire bathroom. You can choose anything from a beautiful shower tile choice to building a private display room between the shower and the wall.

A glass shower enclosure can create a waterproof artistic display that will effectively add to the decor of your bathroom as a whole. This could hold plants, art, or even an aquarium.

3) Enhance the Space in a Tiny Bathroom

While there are a great many things you can do with a large shower enclosure in a spacious bathroom, glass is perfect for small bathrooms as well because it doesn’t take up any visual space.

If you’re dealing with small spaces but still want a lovely design, go for elegantly polished shower fixtures and a tidy glass enclosure with a sliding door. This will allow your shower to bring zest to the room without making it seem more cramped.

In fact, with clever use of mirrors and lighting, you can even effectively double the apparent size of the room.

4) A Minimal Glass Separator Panel

Big ornate glass shower enclosures are the current trend but some people will always prefer the minimalistic streamlined approach instead.

If you like your bathroom to flow smoothly from one feature to the next, glass is the perfect subtle accent for adding utility without taking away from the clean lines of your design.

Build your shower into a corner and add a single clear or frosted glass panel to contain the water splatter when you wash your hair. In fact, the glass doesn’t even need to go all the way to the ceiling if you like an open-air feel to your showers.

5) One Big Frosted Window

One interesting glass shower arrangement that few try but most find delightful is to turn your entire glass shower into one big frosted window. With heavy frosting, you can stand in the sunlight while still maintaining your privacy and those sunbeams will make your glass shower enclosure glow with natural light.

This is perfect for an upstairs bathroom in a sunny region.

Want the same effect for an interior bathroom or cloudy region? Build the shower enclosure into the wall, but line the wall with frosted glass and embed lights behind them.

This will also create a frosted glowing enclosure without the need for external sunlight.

Start Your Next DIY with a Glass Shower Enclosure

There are hundreds of different ways you could design a glass shower enclosure and what you choose should reflect both the size of your bathroom and your own personal creativity. For more great ideas for your next home renovation, contact us today!

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