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7 Reasons to Hire a Project Manager for Your Home Construction Project

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Whether you’re building your new home in Oahu, setting up an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), or renovating your home, having the right professionals eases the process. Construction projects are exciting but also frustrating. Ensuring proper artistry, meeting deadlines, settling disputes, and staying within budget are common challenges. Without the background, experience, or time, you may frustrate yourself trying to manage your home construction project. That’s why hiring a project manager is key.

What Is a Project Manager?

A construction project manager is a professional tasked with the responsibility of overseeing a construction project from planning to completion. Project managers work together with the construction team to accomplish various tasks on time and within the budget. Here are several reasons to hire a construction project manager for your home construction project.

1.      Trained Professionals

Construction project managers are professionals, like architects and contractors. They have both academic and field experience, which is crucial for managing projects. With years of experience, a professional construction manager can handle any contract hurdle thrown their way.

They also have a responsibility to perform their duties according to a professional code of conduct and your contract. They also have professional insurance, which means you and other parties will be compensated in case of an error or injury caused by their professional negligence.

2.      Industry Knowledge

Understanding the construction industry is crucial when undertaking a project that requires the participation of more than one party. Construction project managers understand contracts, which are critical in setting the pace and payments for your project. They know the duties of architects and contractors, how the building process works, and how to pay for every item.

Project managers also ensure that you adhere to the Honolulu building permit requirements and Honolulu county zoning codes. Since project managers oversee a project from its inception to the completion, they can account for every minute, coin, and person involved in the project.

3.      Trade Links

How many contractors can you name off your memory? Do you know if your contractor has worked on the plan you desire for your home extension? Do you have experienced electricians, plumbers, or lumbers around you? What about knowing the standard price for construction services and materials? Project managers have the right trade contacts to ensure that your home construction project happens as expected.

4.      Staying Within the Budget

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Construction projects are costly ventures, which is why you may choose to manage your home construction project. However, it costs less to hire a project manager than to have cost overruns. With a project manager, you can set a realistic budget at the beginning of the project and negotiate with several contractors for the best quotes.

The budget will include services and materials within your financial capacity. A project manager will also ensure that you make payments for work done correctly, and only issue payment after inspections and rectifications.

5.      Communication

Effective communication is an essential part of any project. Without it, mistakes, conflicts, and delays happen. Project managers communicate your interests to the rest of the building team. They also ensure that contractors and other builders share information according to the rules to avoid mixed messages. When conflict arises, project managers listen to conflicting parties to reach a reasonable agreement.

6.      Time Management

Construction projects have time constraints as agreed upon in the construction contract. A project manager helps you create a schedule with realistic timelines and goals. Once a contractor achieves a goal, the project manager also inspects the property with other team members and ensures that mistakes are corrected.

The manager also informs you about the progress and ensures that you make timely payments to avoid any delays by the contractor. Without a project manager, your home construction project can drag on for months or years.

7.      Mitigating Problems

Problems arise in construction projects, and when they do, having a professional representative to mitigate these problems is essential. Dealing with challenges immediately reduces time and money wastage. For example, if the builders come across unexpected wiring or pipes during construction, a project manager will communicate with the engineers, architects and relevant authorities in Oahu to find a way forward.

Usually, project managers have all the necessary contacts, which makes it easy for them to find the right help. In case extensions are required, the project manager also communicates with the team to reset the schedule and handle the payments as needed.

Faced with a Home Construction Project?

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